The Sci­ence Teacher Jour­nal Club is a place where we hope sci­ence teach­ers, and any­one else with an inter­est, will gather together to dis­cuss ideas about sci­ence sci­ence edu­ca­tion pub­lished in jour­nals, arti­cles, books and else­where. The idea is bor­rowed from the orig­i­nal Twit­ter Jour­nal Club for doc­tors started by @fidouglas and @silv24 and also owes a debt to @markgfh for sug­gest­ing that teach­ers might ben­e­fit from such a club.

How it Works

@SciTeachJC will tweet the date and time at which we intend to dis­cuss a paper or arti­cle, based on the results of vot­ing by mem­bers of the club.

We will also pro­vide a link to a site where you can read the paper or arti­cle in advance. The idea is that any­one inter­ested in the dis­cus­sion will be on Twit­ter at the same time and will tweet their com­ments and engage in dis­cus­sion using the #SciTeachJC hash­tag. We will then col­late the results of that dis­cus­sion and pub­lish it on this site.

Ini­tially, @SciTeachJC will choose the arti­cles for dis­cus­sion, but we hope that oth­ers will also sug­gest mate­r­ial for dis­cus­sion as the club devel­ops and grows.

Take a look at the sched­ule for the time and date of the next meet­ing and a link to the paper that we will be discussing.

About Us

Alby Reid (@alby) is a physi­cist, teacher and trainee poly­math who blogs at MrReid.org and has spo­ken at the Ignite Lon­don and Inter­est­ing con­fer­ences.  He also runs Fic­tion Sci­ence, pro­vid­ing free sci­en­tific accu­racy con­sult­ing to screen­writ­ers, nov­el­ists and other creatives.

Alom Shaha (@alomshaha) is a part-time physics teacher at a com­pre­hen­sive school in Lon­don who also works as a writer and film-maker. He occa­sion­ally blogs and shares his other work at www.alomshaha.com




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  4. Peter Le Roux says:

    Please explain how I join this process.

    • Alex Weatherall says:

      Hi Peter, as explained above we organ­ise a meet­ing (you can see the lat­est one on the web­site) and review the papers con­cerned. Then at the time assigned (usu­ally 7:30pm UTC on a Tues­day) we dis­cuss it on twit­ter using the #sciteachjc hash tag. You can also sug­gest papers to review via the menu at the top of this page. Hope you join in.

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