The Science Teacher Journal Club is a place where we hope science teachers, and anyone else with an interest, will gather together to discuss ideas about science science education published in journals, articles, books and elsewhere. The idea is borrowed from the original Twitter Journal Club for doctors started by @fidouglas and @silv24 and also owes a debt to @markgfh for suggesting that teachers might benefit from such a club.

How it Works

@SciTeachJC will tweet the date and time at which we intend to discuss a paper or article, based on the results of voting by members of the club.

We will also provide a link to a site where you can read the paper or article in advance. The idea is that anyone interested in the discussion will be on Twitter at the same time and will tweet their comments and engage in discussion using the #SciTeachJC hashtag. We will then collate the results of that discussion and publish it on this site.

Initially, @SciTeachJC will choose the articles for discussion, but we hope that others will also suggest material for discussion as the club develops and grows.

Take a look at the schedule for the time and date of the next meeting and a link to the paper that we will be discussing.

About Us

Alby Reid (@alby) is a physicist, teacher and trainee polymath who blogs at MrReid.org and has spoken at the Ignite London and Interesting conferences.  He also runs Fiction Science, providing free scientific accuracy consulting to screenwriters, novelists and other creatives.

Alom Shaha (@alomshaha) is a part-time physics teacher at a comprehensive school in London who also works as a writer and film-maker. He occasionally blogs and shares his other work at www.alomshaha.com




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  4. Peter Le Roux says:

    Please explain how I join this process.

    • Alex Weatherall says:

      Hi Peter, as explained above we organise a meeting (you can see the latest one on the website) and review the papers concerned. Then at the time assigned (usually 7:30pm UTC on a Tuesday) we discuss it on twitter using the #sciteachjc hash tag. You can also suggest papers to review via the menu at the top of this page. Hope you join in.

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