Meeting Twelve (22nd May): Boosting science learning through the design of curriculum materials

Bybee, Rodger, “Boosting science learning through the design of curriculum materials” (2006). [Download .PDF]

(Abbreviated) Abstract: How can curriculum materials enhance science teaching and student learning? In answering this question I draw upon my experience at the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS) to describe the design and development of effective science curricula.

To be dis­cussed Tues­day 7.30, 22nd May, @teachingofsci to moderate.

Discussion points:

  1. How do your students demonstrate (or when unsuccessful, fail to demonstrate) the three principles of learning suggested by previous research? How do you try to ensure your teaching fulfils the requirements of addressing these?
  2. What are the biggest challenges of applying the 5Es model (more explanations by @hrogerson here and NASA here) to your curriculum design process, for example new schemes of work? Without complaining about exam boards, Ofsted or the Department for Education, how might we improve our use of this model?
  3. How might we replicate the collection of evidence about student learning in the UK school system? What changes if any might we need to make to the methods to accomodate our system (with summative exams at the end of the 9-11 time period)?
  4. It is interesting to see teacher learning addressed in the same context as that of students. How might we best share these ideas more widely with professional colleagues – both during ITT and CPD – assuming that we chose to do so?


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